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EU Backs Estonia-Finland Joint Ports Upgrade Project with $16.8M

Jul 17, 2024

The TWIN-PORT VI scheme, a four-year project representing a continuation of the long-term cooperation between ports of Tallinn and Helsinki, has received a funding commitment from the EU in the amount of $16. 8 million (€15.4 million).The TWIN-PORT VI project aims to reduce transport system emissions and to improve conditions for passenger and freight transport operations.In the project, the Tallinna…

Dry Bulk Newbuild Contracting Falls 34%

Jul 18, 2024

“During the first half of 2024, newbuild contracting in the dry bulk sector fell 34.2% y/y despite favourable market conditions. A 6.5% y/y increase in prices could be deterring contracting, yet in the second-hand market, where prices rose 15…

Propane Terminal Tractors Up to 99 Percent Cleaner Than Diesel

Jul 17, 2024

Port Newark Container Terminal emissions data shows propane far surpasses diesel in terminal tractor emissions reductionData released from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) shows propane…

APM Terminals Suape Buys Equipment for 100% Electrified Terminal

Jul 17, 2024

APM Terminals Suape, Brazil, reports it has completed the purchase of 28 pieces of all-electric container handling equipment from SANY. The equipment has been specifically customized for the new terminal and features state-of-the-art technology with a high level of efficiency and safety…

How Climate Change Can Affect the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Sector

Jul 16, 2024

Due to rising temperatures, droughts, floods and other climatic events, the logistics sector is requiring greater attention and adaptation from companies around the world. The potential for interruptions in the supply chain is sizeable and has become one of the sector's biggest concerns…

Delft Students Cross North Sea on Self-Built Hydrogen Boat

Jul 12, 2024

On July 11, 2024, Dutch students from the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team arrived in Ramsgate with their self-built hydrogen boat, becoming the first to cross from the Netherlands to England with a fully hydrogen-powered vessel, making the nearly 169-km journey across the North Sea on a single tank…

Home-Grown: S. Korea's First OCCS put to the Test

Jul 10, 2024

KR announced the successful installation of an onboard carbon capture system (OCCS) with purely domestic technology, and it will soon undergo internal verification testing.The project began in April 2023 as a collaborative effort with HMM, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and PANASIA…

New 250kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prepped for Maritime

Jul 10, 2024

Sydrogen Energy Pte. Ltd. (Sydrogen), a Singapore-based fuel cell components and systems company, announced its entry into the maritime market with a 250 kW fuel cell power module. Developed in a collaboration signed with Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co…

SAAM Terminals, Next Port AI Partner

Jul 08, 2024

SAAM Terminals closed a global collaboration agreement with Next Port AI, the technology subsidiary of the global company Moffatt & Nichol, to implement its new platform that combine DigitalTwin and Artificial Intelligence technologies: a digital replica of the port´s physical assets…

Fratelli Cosulich Orders Pair of Chemical Bunkering Tankers

Jul 08, 2024

Fratelli Cosulich Group placed an order for two 7,999 dwt IMO2 chemical bunkering tankers at Taizhou Maple Leaf Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., with options to build two more units.The delivery of the first of these methanol-ready vessels will be in the first half of 2026…

Port Dwellers Hope Cruise Ships' Switch to Shore Power Will Ease Their Pain

Jul 02, 2024

Residents near the port of Lisbon and elsewhere hope plug-in infrastructure can take some of the pain out of sharing their cities with cruise ships that belch out fumes while pleasure-seeking passengers see the sights.European Union rules designed…

LA/Long Beach Ports Invest $25 Million for Truck Charging

Jul 02, 2024

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles will provide $25 million for a partnership with regional air quality agencies to jump-start charging infrastructure for electric heavy-duty drayage trucks.The $135 million in projects led by the Mobile…

Ship Tech Facilitate 'Green' Shipping is Ready to Go, Says Haslebakke

Jun 27, 2024

Recognizing the need for climate action, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adapted a new strategy in 2023 to incorporate a net-zero emissions goal for all vessels by or around 2050. 'With a lifetime of 20-30 years for a vessel built today…

New Hybrid-electric Cranes Arrive at Port Houston

Jun 26, 2024

Port Houston announced the arrival of six hybrid-electric rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes that will help the port to boost sustainability and operational efficiency.Including this most-recent delivery, the Port has acquired 26 new RTGs since December 2023…

Chris-Marine and Veracity by DNV Partner

Jun 25, 2024

Chris-Marine AB announced a strategic partnership with Veracity by DNV which integrates Trust-Ocean, Chris-Marine’s performance and emissions monitoring solution, with Veracity, a maritime emissions cloud from DNV.'Integrating Trust-Ocean with DNV's maritime emissions cloud…

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Manson to Perform Maintenance Dredging in Coos Bay

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Donjon Marine Awarded $19 Million Dredging Contract

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Pilot Planning Implicated in Tanker Contact with Jetty

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