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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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April 3, 2017

OCEAN Alliance Launch Announced

CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, launches Saturday April 1st the 40 new maritime services of its new operational alliance OCEAN Alliance. 

Combining this new offer of maritime services with a global intermodal and logistics offer, CMA CGM Group and its subsidiaries supply its customers with tailored solutions, even more competitive on the routes Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean, Asia-Red Sea, Asia–Middle East, Trans-Pacific, Asia-East Coast of North America trades and Transatlantic. 
CMA CGM Group is the major player in this operational alliance, as it brings 119 of the 323 ships to OCEAN Alliance. With its 650 offices in more than 160 countries, the unique expertise of its 29,000 employees worldwide, its global network of more than 200 maritime services, CMA CGM offers an unrivalled offer in the market, to service its customers.
Olivier Nivoix, Senior Vice President - OCEAN Alliance Lines said: "This offer we are launching this Saturday, April 1, will be unique for our customers. Port coverage, transits time, the complementarity of services and the additional offer of intermodal and logistical solutions, are real assets for the supply chain’s performance of our customers."
Strengthened maritime supply: By offering more port calls, more direct links and better transit times, CMA CGM Group can offer its customers an unrivalled quality of service.
Thanks to OCEAN Alliance, CMA CGM Group will offer:
Between Asia and North America’s West Coast: 13 loops with 78 ships and 101 weekly calls in 31 ports.
Between Asia and North America’s East Coast: 7 loops with 71 ships, 69 weekly calls in 28 ports.
Between Asia and Northern Europe: 6 loops with 66 ships, 81 weekly calls in 33 ports.
On the Transatlantic route: 3 loops with 17 ships, 33 weekly calls in 22 ports.
The number of weekly calls and transit times, will be among the shortest on the market and they will better meet customer expectations, notably between towards the U.S. from Asia and Europe:
Shanghai will only be 10 days from Prince Rupert in Canada, Jakarta 23 days from Los Angeles and Busan 9 days from Seattle.
Transit times between Busan and New York will be 22 days and 21 days between Busan and Houston.
It will take 7 days between Le Havre and New York and 9 days between Miami and Le Havre.
Finally, new direct services are being created, including a direct line linking South-East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia) and the U.S.
Optimization of port callings has been implemented thanks to the choice of terminals: for a given maritime service, the vessels of the OCEAN Alliance offer will call the same terminals. This will simplify customers’ management of supply chains.
In addition, a unique global operations coordination center was set up for OCEAN Alliance, from where the partners will constantly monitor the regularity of vessels, the respect of schedules and the good functioning of port operations.
In addition to the 40 maritime services, CMA CGM and its subsidiaries will offer their customers a unique offer of land solutions and logistics in each of the countries involved. This offer which includes road, rail and inland waterway options, will make a complete solution that will integrate the whole supply chain allowing door-to-door offers.
  • In North America, CMA CGM offers a network of 465,000 connections from its 46 main ramps connected by train.
  • In Europe, CMA CGM offers a dense network of 480,000 connections from its 20 main ports and more than 150 regional centers.
  • In Asia, CMA CGM offers land solutions in almost all countries and rail services to major landlocked Chinese cities.
  • In Latin America, CMA CGM connects major landlocked production centers by rail line, road or waterways.