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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

October 22, 2014

Georgia Delegation visit Naval Academy "NYVaptsarov"


From 15 to 17oktomvri 2014. Naval Academy "N. Vaptzarov "hosted a delegation from Georgia led by prof. Sharabidze Irakli - Rector of the State Maritime Academy, city. Batumi, Georgia.

Between the two schools of 20.09.2014g. in the city of Batumi was signed "Contract for International Cooperation" in science and education related to the exchange of teachers and students, development of joint educational materials and publications.

During the visit of the Georgian delegation in the meeting room of the school was shown a presentation on the history, present and future of the Naval Academy, and then examined the material and teaching facilities and innovations in it - trainers and simulators that provide better preparation of future marine personnel.

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