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Monday, April 19, 2021

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August 24, 2011

AIDA, Lissi Set Sail Together - Aprentices on Training Ship

  • (Photo Courtesy AIDA)
  • (Photo Courtesy AIDA)
  • (Photo Courtesy AIDA) (Photo Courtesy AIDA)
  • (Photo Courtesy AIDA) (Photo Courtesy AIDA)

AIDA Cruises announced the signing of a cooperation treaty with the training ship society "Großherzogin Elisabeth e.V." With this cooperation, the apprenticeship at AIDA will offer even more on-the-job experience. Young academics and mechatronics will absolve a practical course lasting several weeks on board the tall ship Lissi, short for Großherzogin Elisabeth.
"We have made the experience, that our students and apprentices know very little about nautical basics", says Tino Hensel, Director Human Resources Management Fleet at AIDA Cruises. „The basic training on board Lissi will help to make a quick integration of new crew members on an AIDA ship easier.“
The training and ship's command is in the hands of lecturers of the Jade Hochschule Elsfleth as well as the regular crew of the ship.
Learning programs include navigation, maps, signals, sailing and meteorology as well work at the mooring station and the engine room.
The turns on the North and Baltic Sea will last two to four weeks.
Further information on career opportunities at AIDA Cruises can be found at www.aida-jobs.de.

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