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Tip #59 – AI to Maritime Trainers: "Watch Your Back …"

May 09, 2024

Last week’s headline in the Financial Times was startling to me: “Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2bn and sets sights on AI start-ups“. Oh boy. Andreessen Horowitz is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture capital firms with an eye for investing in the next generation of tech companies that will change our lives. Their new fund tells us that the people who know the science of AI now believe it is poised to make an outsized global impact…

Adversarial Seas: AI and the Evolving Cyber Threat in Maritime

May 07, 2024

The maritime transportation system, the lifeblood of global trade, is undergoing a digital revolution. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how ships operate and cargo moves. However, this increased reliance on technology…

Maritime Safety Finds a Future in the Cloud

Nov 01, 2023

Orca AI, headquartered in Israel and founded in 2018, has a simple yet complex premise: develop and deliver an intelligent safety platform for the maritime industry to prevent collisions. To date it has attracted attention and business globally…

Insights: Maritime and an Honest Discussion About AI

Aug 30, 2023

The maritime industry is often criticized as being slow to adopt new technologies. While ship building is an age-old industry, it is also varied: fishing, commercial, inland, marine construction, energy, passenger, recreation, defense, and the list goes on…

ChatGPT & Maritime Training: Steps to Harness the Power

Aug 30, 2023

By now we have all heard about ChatGPT, an example of a “Large Language Model” technology which is remarkable in its ability to generate human-like responses to questions we ask of it. But is ChatGPT primarily a novelty, or can it provide real value in terms of its ability to create content…

AI Set to Tackle Jetty and Port Corrosion Across WA

Jun 07, 2022

A team of researchers led by Curtin University have joined forces to develop an artificial intelligence tool to improve the maintenance of marine structures such as jetties and ports impacted by corrosion.The joint project, led by the Curtin Corrosion Center…

Via Kaizen Project Aims to Deliver AI-powered Ship Ops Support System

Dec 12, 2020

A group of Swedish technology entrepreneurs and academics joined forces to accelerate the research and development of an AI-based, semi-autonomous system for planning and executing more energy efficient sea voyages.Leading the effort is Lean Marine…

ZIM Taps AI to Detect Misdeclarations

Aug 17, 2020

Israeli shipping company ZIM said it has developed and implemented an artificial intelligence (AI)-based screening software to detect and identify incidents of misdeclared hazardous cargo before loading to vessel.Misdeclaration of hazardous cargo has been at the root of major marine incidents…

OceanPro Accelerates Tech Innovation

Dec 04, 2019

OceanPro by Maersk, the first of its kind startup accelerator within the shipping and logistics industry, announced the graduation of its second cohort of start-ups showcasing the artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) led solutions developed by them over the last 120 days…

Singapore: LNG Terminal to Develop Data Center

Oct 21, 2019

The National University of Singapore's Faculty of Engineering (NUS), Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG) and Keppel Data Centers Holdings join forces to develop new energy-efficient cooling technology for data centers.This innovation could further…

K Line to Promote AI in Shipping Industry

Oct 07, 2019

Japanese shipping company Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) has partnered with Hiroshima University, the National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology and Marubeni Corporation to jointly work on research and analysis of maritime…

Navis Survey Acclaims AI

Sep 20, 2019

Global container terminals are expected to embrace automated decision making powered by artificial intelligence (AI) as they pursue ways to improve operational consistencies and enhance equipment utilization.According to  TechValidate customer survey by Navis…

Tech: Stena Debuts Chatbot "Stina"

Feb 06, 2019

Stena Line is in the process of launching the smartest chatbot -- 'Stina' -- into the ferry market. The tech, which relies on IBM Watson as the technicla platform, is designed to make the customer experience better by providing assistance in booking a trip as well as answering questions 24/7…

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