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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

October 11, 2014

Procedures for OPL Attendance at Mina Saqr




Saqr Port Authority has advised that, with effect from 16 October, new procedures will come into force for personnel attendance Off Port Limits (OPL).

Documents required for OPL Mina Saqr personnel attendance (less than 3 days) for Operations, Marine and Engineering requirement will be as follows:


- Duly filled, signed and stamped Master undertaken statement
- Copy of vessel registry
- Copy of last port clearance
- "Master Statement of completion" confirming that work is completed and that all visitors/technicians have been disembarked. (Original statement should be brought by personnel upon disembarkation from the vessel Without it, personnel cannot be cleared to exit)


- Passport copy & residence visa copy of personnel
- Company trade license copy
- Statement from company with personnel details, purpose, date/time of attendance and date/time of return (duration not to exceed 3 days).

Only persons holding UAE residence visa are allowed to attend vessels at OPL Mina Saqr (less than 3 days) for operations, Marine and Engineering requirements.

Failure to return to the port within the period of approval will result in:
a) Ports administrative action where fines may be imposed.
b) Passport and full details passed to Immigration dept for further action
c) Full details provided to local police for further action.

For information about operations at Saqr Port contact GAC Dubai at dubai@gac.com

United Arab Emirates