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Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Posted by March 7, 2018

Marlink, Seagull Maritime Collaborate for Onboard Training

Image Credit: Seagull Maritime / (c) T.Aas

Image Credit: Seagull Maritime / (c) T.Aas

Marlink and Seagull Maritime have entered into a partnership to introduce a step-change in onboard training this year, creating an online, satcom enabled environment for the distribution and updating of e-learning material.


The partnership combines Marlink and Seagull’s respective domain expertise to streamline and automate e-learning content distribution and management. Additional functionality will be offered later this year to enable fully digitalised services with the Seagull software running on Marlink’s XChange centralized IT and communications management platform, providing full on-board hosting, and monitoring of Seagulls market leading software to improve crews’ knowledge and qualification.

‘Over the air’ updates of e-learning material to improve crews’ knowledge and qualification

This new solution will reduce maintenance effort for shipping companies while the crew can stay qualified and up to date on the latest safe and efficient vessel operation practices. Offering distribution of training content “over the air” will ensure the system is kept up-to-date with the latest e-learning modules and software versions according to the customer’s specific training requirements. Online distribution will also eliminate manual work and physical shipments which will reduce cost for the ship operator. Currently the solution is running successfully on first pilot vessels.


“Together with Marlink, we will deliver an efficient approach to satcom based updating of Seagull software that will deliver improved efficiencies while providing a stronger platform for our customers to ensure they are providing high quality training for crew onboard immediate after it has been released. said Roger Ringstad, CEO, Seagull.

“With this partnership we will strengthen both Marlink’s and Seagull’s positions in the market by offering efficient online updates and distribution of training material. We will digitalize training services through Seagull training software, our global Sealink network and XChange as the enabler,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink.

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