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Monday, June 14, 2021

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April 7, 2020

Maersk Leverages Digitial Tech to Keep Cargo Moving

Image: Maersk

Image: Maersk

While movers of global cargo is traditionally not a "stay at home" work scenario, one of the world's largest movers of containers increasingly leverages digital solutions and helps to maintain 'social distancing' to keep goods on the move globally.

In any crisis there always emerges a silver lining, and while difficult to see at the moment in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a likely long-term ramification for maritime and the whole of the logistics chain is increased penetration of digital solutions in the efficient movement of cargo globally.

Maersk, the integrated container logistics company, is again a leader in this regard, announcing that it has ensured all its office-based employees work remotely with access to adequate IT infrastructure, while urging customers to make full use of their online platforms..

This, obviously is not a mode of operation that has happened overnight, and indeed Maersk has for the last few years increasingly invested in its digital platforms to find new ways to simplify container transport, cut down on turnaround time, reduce costs and boost transparency for its customers worldwide. India is currently under lockdown, and the government has deemed the logistics sector to be an essential service that needs to be kept running. The company’s online platforms, starting with its website Maersk.com, along with products such as Maersk Spot, Twill, Captain Peter and others are available for customers, with which they can easily get online quotes, make instant online bookings, move goods across land and sea by truck, train or ship with guarantee and get full visibility of their cargo’s journey.

Going a step further, especially in the current times when social distancing is of utmost importance, Maersk has also enabled its customers to pay digitally instead of physically visiting counters for payment. 

“Safety of our employees, their families and our customers is our utmost priority. We proactively started asking our employees to work remotely from their homes even before the country went into lockdown," said Steve Felder, Managing Director, Maersk South Asia. "Our customer experience and service teams, through the readily-available plethora of digital platforms, are ensuring our customers’ cargo keeps moving.” He added, ”We are in the business of moving goods, and especially during times like these, it is crucial that we understand the importance of keeping cargo moving. It could be crisis-essential cargo and it is our responsibility to play a role in supporting the entire system in best possible manner. We appreciate the Government’s efforts to keep logistics and supply chain industry running even in these tough times so that we ensure people have access to essentials.”

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