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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

April 8, 2016

Livestock Carrier Greyman Express Delivered

Greyman Express. Photo: Cosco Guangdong shipyard

Greyman Express. Photo: Cosco Guangdong shipyard

 Cosco Guangdong shipyard has delivered the 6th livestock carrier “Greyman Express” to Duch Vroon B.V. Company.

“Greyman Express” matches the AMSA latest specification, equipped with a 4500 sq.m kkraal area and could ship 3000 adult cattles and the total length is 134.8 meters and the top speed can reach 17kn. 
The vessel has a bowknot hull design to make a comfortable environment for the animals during shipment. 
The vessel also equipped with automatic drinking water system, automatic feed delivery system, ventilation system and other animals living facilities which all passed AMSA inspection.
These livestock carrier is “next‑generation” livestock vessel, boasting a cargo capacity of approximately 4,500 sqm and a cruising range of around 18,000 NM. 
Such vessels are fitted with animal-welfare facilities exceeding Australian (AMSA) regulations and incorporate a revolutionary bow design that will ensure fuel savings while maintaining high speeds and maximum comfort for cargo and crew.
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