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Sunday, August 18, 2019

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July 12, 2016

Q88 LLC Expands Milbros Onboard Services



Q88 LLC introduced a global support program that coordinates quick response and expert consultation for chemical spills/incidents and medical emergencies occurring onboard vessels at sea.

Known as Q88 Response Center, the new program leverages the resources of Spill Center, a leading provider of emergency response communication and incident management services, including environmental, technical and legal expertise.

At the Q88 Response Center, trained personnel monitor telephone calls, dedicated email and web site requests for assistance on a 24/7 basis to gather the details, determine the issues and dispatch the right resources.

In cases of major spills, minor spills or other chemical incidents the Q88 Response Center is able to provide expert advice, resources and contractors to assist with mitigation of the incident and cleanup of the spill. These resources are invaluable to Masters, Company QI or ship managers in an emergency. According to Capt. Soren C. Ibsen, VP Milbros Systems, Q88
Response Center is available to handle any issue related to chemical incidents or environmental spills requiring cleanup and reporting.

Q88 Response Center also brings together the services of Future Care, a leading provider of medical care management services to the maritime and maritime-related industries worldwide.

Future Care offers medical case management and cost containment services to shipowners and their crews 24/7, both onboard ship, at sea, and on land. The Future Care team includes physicians, nurses and medical case managers experienced in managing seafarers’ healthcare, as well as access to preferred medical networks, explained Gordon Cooper, a Future Care spokesman.

Medical emergencies in which crew members are accidentally exposed to hazardous chemicals or any other injuries or illnesses are handled by Future Care, which has been serving the shipping industry for 20 years. Future Care manages the medical response from the time of incident onboard the vessel through shoreside treatment, repatriation and out-patient care, until
the seafarer is fit to return to duty or achieves maximum medical improvement, as medically necessary. Future Care’s expert medical auditors review and negotiate all major medical and related charges incurred in the United States and in many ports world-wide.

Tom Moses, president and founder of Spill Center, observed: “This program gives ships at sea access to a world of resources that they need after chemical and medical emergencies.”

Spill Center resources include advanced communication and geo-location technology and upto-date listings of national and international environmental regulations, as well as spill-reporting contacts and reporting deadlines.

“The Q88 Response Center gives our Milbros Onboard subscribers a single call center to get help with chemical and medical emergencies while at sea. With this partnership, Milbros Onboard customers can now access expert cargo handling and cleaning, emergency response and medical advice all in one program. We’re extremely excited to be able to offer a program we
felt the industry defininely needed,” said Capt. Ibsen. Positive feedback has been received from subscribers who have been introduced to the program, he acknowledged.

The Q88 Response Center will be available to Q88's Milbros Onboard subscribers at no additional charge. Ships will pay an hourly charge for services only when they need them.

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