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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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September 11, 2014

Enhanced Fidelis XPS Collector Capabilities Accelerate Incident Detection




General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions has enriched its network security analytics solution, Fidelis XPSTM Collector, with new capabilities that enable security analysts to more quickly detect and remediate threats. Fidelis XPS Collector’s real-time, automated application of threat intelligence to current and historical metadata provides the information necessary to identify and react to malicious traffic, reducing the time from infiltration to remediation.

Designed to deliver the context required to understand events taking place on the network, Fidelis XPS Collector stores historical network memory that is necessary in proactive event detection, incident response and historical analysis, accelerating the detection and remediation of malicious activity.

Fidelis XPS Collector enables analysts to pivot from an alert to root cause determination with only a few clicks. By providing rich, content-infused metadata in near real time, the enhanced Fidelis XPS Collector removes the complexity of analyzing and correlating historical data, while reducing the time to discovery and containment.


•    Advanced data correlation. Automatically correlates new threat intelligence and developed indicators of compromise with historical metadata, allowing analysts to uncover hidden threats and reduce the overall time of remediation.
•    Enhanced visual user interface. The user-friendly dashboard provides graphical representations of the rich historical metadata. In addition to empowering users to quickly scan through volumes of data, identifying anomalies and outliers, the dashboard also turns bulk data into refined knowledge. This new user interface with multiple visualization windows allows for the easy exploration of large amounts of data and automatically updates as the user’s focus is refined, reducing the time taken to understand and react to attacks.
•    Integrate with big data analytics. The rich network-, protocol-, application- and content-level metadata extracted by Fidelis XPS’ patented Deep Session Inspection® can be easily transferred into an organization’s big data repository ensuring correlations and relationships are identified across a broader data set.
•    Advanced clustering capabilities. Fidelis XPS Collector's clustered architecture enables large organizations, or those with significant bandwidth and storage needs, to scale, providing additional metadata retention or network bandwidth monitoring with the same performance and functionality.

According to Tom Lyons, vice president of product management for General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions, “The early detection of threats is crucial to successful discovery, containment and remediation. By providing advanced visualization and correlation capabilities, we’re making it much easier for analysts to determine the root cause of an attack, hunt down the threat actor in their network and fully understand the relationships between indicators of compromise and potential threats – helping customers identify malicious traffic faster and take action sooner.”

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