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Monday, March 8, 2021

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April 6, 2020

Diego Aponte: MSC CEO Offers Insight on COVID-19 Impact

Photo: MSC

Photo: MSC

In an open letter posted on the MSC website, MSC Group President & CEO Diego Aponte offered public comment and perspective on the COVID-19 situation for MSC's cargo business. 

“The spread of COVID-19 has created a public health issue unprecedented in our lifetimes, triggering an unexpected shock for societies and economies,” said Aponte.

Calling the industry “as an essential cog for global trade” Aponte’s recognizes his company’s role in helping to keep products moving while taking measures to ensure the safety and health of MSC seafarers.

“Our new Suspension of Transit program uses some of the world’s leading transshipment hubs as advance storage posts to help shippers begin moving goods early in anticipation of a resumption in demand, in an efficient and cost-effective way,” Aponte wrote, pointing out that in Europe, specifically, MSC is helping shippers to navigate land blockages with delivery via short-sea shipping networks.

The power or MSC’s global footprint is an advantage too, in regards to the rapidity of information gathering and sharing. “Through our internal information sharing system we draw on intelligence from 155 countries to identify new travel and port restrictions, curfews, and so on, to ensure that we are well placed to directly advise our customers on how to manage supply chains amid these changes,” wrote Aponte.

While expressing gratitude to all MSC workers and customers, Aponte was clear to point out special commendation to seafarers and others throughout the logistics chain who do not have the ‘work from home’ option.

“Switching on from home is not an option for many of our people – our seafarers who navigate our fleet of 550 container ships; the drivers of trucks, trains and barges; dockworkers; handlers of goods at our depots and warehouses; and our vigilant port captains and terminal operators around the globe,” said Aponte. “We salute them all, and many others like them, for their unwavering dedication.”

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