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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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May 7, 2021

DCT Gdańsk Baltic Hub 3 Project: Invitation for Prequalification

© Olivier Le Moal/AdobeStock

© Olivier Le Moal/AdobeStock

DCT Gdańsk S.A. has started a prequalification process to tender for the Baltic Hub 3 Project. DCT invites firms and joint ventures to prequalify to tender for Baltic Hub 3 General Contractor. The project in-cludes:

  • Site establishment and demolition of existing disused Terminal T1 marine structures;
  • Construction of the BH3 quay together with all ancillary works and edge protection structures;
  • Dredging associated with the BH3 reclamation and vessel access, reclamation and earthworks;
  • Construction of the BH3 container stacking yard, including all paving, drainage and necessary in-frastructure to supply power for C-ARMG and STS (ship-to-shore) cranes;
  • Provision of communication routes suitable for heavy terminal equipment traffic from the exist-ing port estate;
  • Provision of stacking yard space for reefer containers together with infrastructure necessary to supply power for the reefer containers;
  • Provision of all necessary services, in particular electrical, telecoms, potable, fire and sanitary wa-ter networks and modification of existing supply / connection points where necessary;
  • Provision of substations and other terminal buildings;
  • Provision of all other infrastructure necessary for the safe and secure operation of the terminal including fencing, lighting and CCTV.

Prequalification is open to firms and joint ventures from any country or countries. A firm may apply for prequalification both individually and as part of a single joint venture. However, a successfully prequali-fied firm or a member of a prequalified joint venture may participate as a tenderer in only one tender. Prequalification schedule is as follows:

  1. Invitation to prequalify – 6.05.2021
  2. Application for prequalification submission – 4 weeks
  3. Results of prequalification – 8 weeks

Invitation of prequalified companies to the D&B tender is planned approximately for Summer 2021.