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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by February 21, 2019

Witherbys Releases ‘Ship Lay-up Guide’

Photo courtesy of Witherbys

Photo courtesy of Witherbys

Witherbys, in conjunction with BIMCO and International Shipcare, released the Ship Lay-up Guide this week.

This new publication is a comprehensive guide to best practice when placing a ship into lay-up and is an essential aid for any ship owners/managers considering ship lay-up.

Fully illustrated, with numerous real-world examples, this guide explains why a ship is placed into lay-up and the types of lay-up, as well as providing the reader with information on appraisal, planning, procedures at the lay-up site and reactivation. The publication also contains a chapter detailing lay-up locations across the world.

Witherbys CEO Iain Macneil says, “the Ship Lay-up Guide has been developed for ship owners and managers to provide best practice on placing a ship into lay-up. Working with BIMCO and International Shipcare has allowed extensive industry experience and knowledge to be incorporated into this new title.”

The Ship Lay-up Guide is supplemented by a 100 page Record of Lay-Up, a practical workbook covering all stages of lay-up, including:

  • planning and preparation
  • passage to the lay-up location
  • arrival checklists
  • during lay-up (including periodic maintenance and lay-up records)
  • reactivation

“How to preserve a ship during lay-up, for example avoiding extensive corrosion and deterioration of the ship and its equipment leading to a more cost-effective reaction process, is a business critical project for ship owners. We believe providing this kind of solid, practical guidance is one of the best ways we can serve our members and the industry,” says Lars Robert Pedersen, BIMCO Deputy Secretary General.  

The Ship Lay-up Guide will assist a ship owner/manager to develop a plan for each specific ship, taking into consideration the recommendations and requirements of all stakeholders.

International Shipcare’s Director of Operations Pravin Raina said, “For over 40 years, International Shipcare has been at the forefront of excellence in lay-up services. Being an industry leader with diversified and unique skillsets, International Shipcare has set the benchmark in terms of ship lay-up and acts as an institute for policy makers. The Ship Lay-up Guide continues this vital support to the maritime and oil services industries.”  

The Ship Lay-up Guide is priced at $645 and is available from Witherby Publishing Group.