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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 24, 2015

MSC Sinfonia Upgradation at Fincantieri Shipyard


Extension operations on MSC Sinfonia, the second out of four MSC cruise ships to undergo the Renaissance Programme of enhancements, have begunin the past days at Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo. Only 2 months ago the conversion operations of the prototype MSC Armonia were completed and the ship left the shipyard on November 17.

The remarkable feat of engineering of the Palermo shipyard -has started with steel-cutting operations on the ship and has continued then by moving the forward section for about 30 meters forward to allow the new midship section to be inserted. With its 2,200 gross tonnes and in 24 meters length, this section will add a total of 106 new passenger and crew cabins, and new indoor and outdoor public areas.

The transformation operations will continue for the next 8 weeks with the joining of the two sections of the ship, the installation of all the systems and the conclusion of the fitting out of the ship. During this phase, 87 new passenger cabins will be installed in the original section, while 60 new cabins with balcony will be inserted. These will replace the same number of external cabins originally equipped only with windows.

As done with the sister ship, MSC Sinfonia will therefore be refitted and renewed, upgraded with the latest level of comfort, with new areas dedicated to entertainment and services available on board, including new outdoor areas, as a Water Park, specifically designed for children.

The event is the second phase of the Renaissance Programme, key milestone of the € 200 million programme between Fincantieri and MSC Cruises for the enlargement and enhancement of MSC Armonia, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera, MSC Lirica. At the end of the programme these ships will be given, , an array of new improvements and amenities that are perfectly suited to today’s cruise traveller.

After the Renaissance Programme, MSC Sinfonia’s environmental impact, as well as the one of the 3 other ships, will be significantly reduced: this is one of the worth mentioning actions undertaken by the programme. MSC Sinfonia will receive a new hull treatment to minimize drag and lower water resistance, considerably reducing fuel consumption. In addition, LED technology in all public spaces on the ship will mean less energy is consumed on boar

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