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Monday, March 1, 2021

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Posted by June 5, 2015

New VP of Sales & Operations at Bouchard Transportation

Brendan J. Bouchard (Photo: Bouchard Transportation)

Brendan J. Bouchard (Photo: Bouchard Transportation)

Independently-owned ocean-going petroleum barge company Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. announced the appointment of Brendan J. Bouchard as VP of Sales and Operations, establishing the fifth generation of the Bouchard family.
Bouchard Transportation was started by Brendan J. Bouchard’s great great grandfather, Capt. Fred Bouchard, and passed on down to his great grandfather, Morton S. Bouchard Sr., then to his grandfather Morton S. Bouchard Jr.,  and then to his father, Morton S. Bouchard III,  to whom Brendan will report. 
Brendan has worked in various capacities throughout the years at Bouchard Transportation.  Most recently within the Operations and Vetting department as well as sailing as observer on the M/V Evening Star and Barge No. 250 on the East Coast, and the M/V Barbara Bouchard and Barge No. 240 on the Gulf Coast.   
Brendan J. Bouchard has a BS in Business Management & Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University.   
“Brendan will bring a new and modern perspective to Bouchard which will allow Bouchard to continue to grow and follow in our founding fathers philosophy of investing profits in more modern equipment to better serve our customers,” said Morton S. Bouchard III, President and CEO of Bouchard Transportation Co., “we look forward to his energy and enthusiasm as we continue to advance our operations, it is extremely gratifying to welcome the fifth generation of Bouchards into the business that my great grandfather established almost 100 years ago.”
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