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Sunday, July 25, 2021

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September 24, 2020

Renewable Energy to Power NYK’s Yokohama Daikoku C-3 Terminal

Photo provided by Venti-Pal Happo LLC

Photo provided by Venti-Pal Happo LLC

From October 1, electricity sourced from renewable energy will be used at Yokohama Daikoku C-3 Terminal, which began operations in August as the first finished-car logistics terminal in Japan operated by NYK, in the company’s effort to help the city of Yokohama to achieve the goals of its Zero Carbon Yokohama plan for realizing carbon neutrality.

The renewable electricity will be generated at the Minehama Wind Power Plant and come from 100% renewable energy sources. The electricity will be provided by Minna-Denryoku Co.’s electricity traceability service, which enables users to verify the electricity generated at their nominated electric power plant by utilizing block chain technology.

The Minehama Wind Power Plant

Located in Happo town in Akita prefecture, Minehama Wind Power Plant is owned by Venti Pal happo LLC, a special purpose company jointly owned by Venti Japan Inc. (head office: Akita), JR-EAST Energy Development Co. Ltd. (head office: Tokyo), and Ohmori Construction Co. Ltd.
Expected output is 4.9 MW by two wind turbines. Estimated annual power generation is 10,000 MWh