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Thursday, August 6, 2020

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January 17, 2019

Port of Seattle Joins Washington's 'Maritime Blue Strategy'

Pic: Port of Seattle

Pic: Port of Seattle

The Port of Seattle joined with a broad range of maritime stakeholders in support of Governor Jay Inslee’s ‘Maritime Blue Strategy’.

According to a press note, the Strategy aims to advance the region’s maritime-based, “blue economy” through increased collaboration between its diverse sectors to promote innovation and sustainable practices that support a competitive gateway with a 21st Century workforce.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Fred Felleman served as a member of the Maritime Blue Advisory Committee.

The Maritime Blue Strategy aims to make Washington State home to a world-class, thriving and sustainable maritime industry by 2050 in partnership with business, academic and research institutions, ports, labor, and community organizations.

"I welcome the opportunity to support the development and implementation of Governor Inslee's Maritime Blue Strategy representing the Port of Seattle on the Innovation Advisory Council," said Commissioner Felleman.

"The Port is committed to creating a competitive maritime gateway, based on industry and labor prospering while decreasing their carbon intensity and environmental footprint. There is no better region in the nation to lead this effort than the Pacific Northwest where our maritime heritage runs deep and the spirit of innovation is part of our cultural fabric," he added.

The Maritime Blue strategy calls for a Maritime Innovation Center on Port property for research and development and commercialization of innovation technology through public/private partnerships. The strategy also calls for greater electrification of maritime facilities to improve community and environmental health and create more opportunities on the working waterfront.

Port of Seattle commissioners included funding plans for both projects in their 2019-2023 budget blueprint, approved in November 2018. The Maritime Innovation Center, considered for Fishermen’s Terminal, will house incubation, acceleration, co-working and public meeting space. The center will act as a hub to the many spokes of maritime communities across the state.

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