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Friday, August 7, 2020

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June 4, 2015

Philippe Louis-Dreyfus Elected Head of BIMCO

Philippe Louis-Dreyfus. Photo: BIMCO

Philippe Louis-Dreyfus. Photo: BIMCO

 Philippe Louis-Dreyfus will be BIMCO's new president for the next two years. In his accession speech at BIMCO’s AGM in Edinburgh, new President Philippe Louis-Dreyfus described BIMCO as “the global association that should be closest to the commercial realities of shipping business.”

Elected for two years, Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, also former President of Armateurs de France, has outlined its mandate, from his speech at the Annual General Meeting of BIMCO: promoting fair trade practices, place ship in the heart of the work of the organization and reinforce the BIMCO leadership in various areas of the maritime sector, such as security, pollution and the environment.
The new president sees Bimco's development of standard contracts and clauses as fundamental to Bimco's reputation, and highlighted the development of a standard ship finance term sheet as a strong example of Bimco supporting shipping businesses.
“I see this as being absolutely at the heart of what Bimco does – finding new ways to help members and acting swiftly for their benefit.”
“It is not too late to influence future politics, so that they are not just imposed on us. I strongly believe that BIMCO has the global visibility and the recognition that cannot be easily replicated and is a powerful tool in bringing the industry together on the issues that affect us all most – giving BIMCO the ability to be a powerful agent for change and for promoting best practice on important business and regulatory areas,” said Louis-Dreyfus.
During his term, Louis-Dreyfus will also see the development of the Shipping KPI System, which BIMCO has taken over from InterManager.
Established in 1905, BIMCO, association dedicated to transportation and shipping services, has 2,300 members (shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents) in over 130 countries.
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