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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

August 20, 2018

Partners to Leverage AI to Optimize Maritime Logistics

© Gerhard1302 / Adobe Stock

© Gerhard1302 / Adobe Stock

Transmetrics’ digital solution optimizes marine logistics using AI technologies and Marlink’s global multi-band network

Marlink has signed an agreement with Transmetrics to establish a strategic business partnership aimed at predictive logistics optimization for maritime customers. The agreement will enable Transmetrics, a Forbes-awarded start-up, to leverage Marlink’s broadband satellite communications network, digital solutions and contacts to further develop maritime logistics innovations. As part of its Smart Connectivity strategy, Marlink seeks to support new partners and applications to work together to enable its customers' digitalization and business efficiency.

Transmetrics unlocks the power of big data to optimize empty container logistics. With extensive experience in demand forecasting and predictive optimization for cargo transport industry, the company has developed an innovative predictive asset management tool called AssetMetrics. Based on applying AI algorithms for data cleansing and demand forecasting, the AssetMetrics software suggests the optimal storage, repositioning and maintenance strategy for empty containers as well as the optimal levels of ‘safety stock’ at each location. It is estimated that with the AssetMetrics software, shipping companies can expect about 10-15 percent cost reduction of empty assets logistics.

“Transmetrics will help us to address our cargo and container ship customers’ top priority; which is to digitalize end-to-end the logistics chain and fix the inefficiency of cargo transport and logistics. Partnering with the best start-ups, we are positioning Marlink as a leading digital company in the industry, creating tangible economic value for customers from their digital enablement strategies through our smart connectivity solutions,” said Gennaro Faella, Head of Strategic Business Development, Marlink.

In a partnership with Transmetrics, Marlink contributes its experience and interconnected technologies, which support customers to navigate digital transformation in shipping and logistics. This pilot is strategically important for Marlink as it allows jointly with Transmetrics to support global maritime shipping companies and help them predict shipping volumes, optimize empty container moves and achieve savings, while making transport more efficient and environmentally friendly.

“The maritime transportation industry is experiencing phenomenal changes thanks to new technologies such as big data and predictive analytics,” said Tore-Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “Our agreement will leverage Marlink’s satcoms connectivity combined with Transmetrics intelligent software solution to streamline shipping companies’ container flows, prevent empty capacities on vessels and ultimately make our cargo customers more efficient.”

“Marlink’s global multi-band network and extensive insight into maritime digital transformation will augment our predictive optimization software AssetMetrics, ensuring that together, we are positioned to deliver tangible operational and financial efficiencies to end-users,” said Asparuh Koev, CEO, Transmetrics.

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