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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 8, 2020

LNGSTS Hits 112 STS LNG Transfers in 2019

LNGSTS, a unit of Teekay Tankers, has closed the year 2019 with a record number of 112 open water liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship-to-ship (STS) cargo transfers.

From November 2018, until July 2019, LNGSTS was the technical and manpower service provider for the largest ever LNG ship-to-ship project, located in Honningsvag, Norway, the company said in a press release.

Under the challenging Arctic conditions, LNGSTS completed 123 STS operations from 11 different ARC7 vessels to 14 different conventional LNG carriers at 3 different anchorages simultaneously.

In addition to the provision of the STS services, LNGSTS also developed the terminal operations and safety manual and specific STS equipment maintenance manual as well as carrying out the required compatibility studies for all vessels utilizing the offshore transhipment terminal, ensuring that the optimal fender and mooring arrangements were utilized during the operations.

LNGSTS mooring masters and superintendents coordinated all transfers to guarantee that all equipment is set up and operated safely as per specification and that all procedures are followed correctly.

Another successful ongoing project is our involvement in Labuan, Malaysia. The project involves proving LNG breakbulk services in Brunei Bay, Sabah Malaysia utilizing LNGSTS’ equipment, staff and manuals.

The LNG breakbulk transfers are carried out back to back from a conventional LNG carrier acting as the discharging Mother vessel to two smaller receiving Daughter vessels. To date, LNGSTS have carried out 6 breakbulk operations in the region with 4 of these carried out this year.

The project’s success is testament to an ongoing relationship in the region with Petronas, ARGO Engineering,  Eastport Marine, Asian Supply Base, Sabah Ports Authority, Sabah Department of Ports and Harbours , Sabah Port SDB BERHAD and Malaysia Marine Department.

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