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Monday, September 23, 2019

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November 15, 2011

Koden Introduces Black Box Radar

MDC-2500BB Series black box radar

MDC-2500BB Series black box radar

MDC-2500BB Series black box radar provides advanced performance with display flexibility.


Professional Grade Features and Functionality Designed For Large Yachts, Workboats and Commercial Fishing Vessels With Owner-Supplied Displays. SI-TEX Marine Electronics now offers the new Koden MDC-2500BB Series Black Box Radar — a powerful, professional grade radar system designed for use with a vessel’s XGA or UXGA color LCD monitor.   As part of an integrated bridge package, the MDC-2500BB is an ideal option for, workboats, commercial fishing vessels, and large yachts needing state-of-the-art radar performance.


Koden is a world leader in marine radar, and the MDC-2500BB furthers this reputation with advanced features such as True Trail Function, standard Automatic Tracking Aid (ATA) of up to 50 targets and optional AIS interface tracking up to 200 targets.  Worldwide C-MAP MAX background charts are built-in to the system for easy radar/chart overlay, with the ability to upgrade to full-featured MAX cartography for the ultimate in up-to-date, accurate radar/chart integration.  When connected with a Koden chartplotter, other vessels’ tracks locked with the 2500BB’s ATA graphically appear on the screen of the plotter.  This provides at-a-glance viewing of other vessels’ movement, ideal for safety in crowded waters or to coordinate group fishing operations.


This new Black Box radar is offered in four configurations to suit a variety of vessels and applications.  These include the 4kW MDC-2540BB, delivering 48nm range with a 3- or 4-foot antenna; the 6kW MDC-2560BB, delivering 72nm range with a 4- or 6-foot antenna; the 12kW MDC-2510BB, delivering 72nm range with a 4- or 6-foot antenna; and the 25kW MDC-2520BB, delivering 96nm range using a 6- or 9-foot antenna. Comprised of the scanner, powerful Black Box processor and control keyboard, each of these systems utilizes Koden’s Hyper Digital Processing (HDP™) technology.  This feature enhances real-time presentation of targets for smooth movement on the display as bearings change. HVP technology also provides superior target discrimination, virtually eliminating unwanted “noise,” delivering a clear, highly detailed image and enhancing detection of smaller targets for added safety.  Real-time target detection and tracking is further enhanced by the system’s two-speed antenna scanning (25 and 50 rpm), providing optimum performance at any vessel speed.


Koden’s proven Dual Range Display provides split screen displays of both long- and short-range targets simultaneously. This feature —like having two radars in one — enhances the navigator’s overall awareness of vessel traffic, potential dangers and his vessel’s relative position. Engineered for professional users, the MDC-2500BB’s ATA function instantly provides movements of surrounding vessels in vector and numeric formats for enhanced safety.  When connected to an AIS receiver, the system displays important information on up to 200 targets, including vessel name, bow direction, and speed for all transmitting vessels.


All of this information, along with the MDC-2500BB’s highly detailed radar image and chart overlay, can be displayed on owner-supplied XGA/UXGA monitors in landscape position.  This makes the MDC-2500BB an affordable and flexible professional-grade radar installation for vessels with existing displays and/or integrated bridge systems.   Retail pricing for the MDC-2500BB Series Radar System begins at $10,299.

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