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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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January 23, 2019

Eurosib's First Transit Container Train Crossed Grodekovo

Container Trains near Grodekovo. Photo: © Eurosib

Container Trains near Grodekovo. Photo: © Eurosib

CJSC Eurosib SPb - Transport Systems  tgether with the Zhengzhou International Hub company (ZIH) started the first transit container train through border crossing of Grodekovo (Far East railway, RZD).  

The Container train follows the route Hamburg (Germany) - Zhengzhou (China).

The first train with 43 forty-foot containers was dispatched on 28 December. On January 12, the train reached the border crossing Grodekovo  (Russia) - Suifenhe (China).

Normally, within couple of days, it will arrive at final destination. At the same time, Eurosib is preparing the opposite direction train.  Such service is planned on a weekly basis.

Eurosib develops the competence in the organization of transit since 2015. The first route in the direction of China-Europe-China goes through the border crossings of Mongolia. For 2.5 years of service, the operator sent about 370 container trains.

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