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Sunday, August 18, 2019

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December 2, 2018

Denmark Mulls Most Modern Container Port

Pic:  Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP)

Pic: Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP)

Copenhagen Malmö Port said that Denmark’s most modern container port will be completed by the end of 2021 – the futureproof, modern, sustainable and automated container terminal in Copenhagen. The terminal substantially strengthens CMP’s role as the leading actor within freight handling in the capital region and throughout Eastern Denmark.

The area in Outer Northern Harbour is fairly anonymous, however, the on-going groundworks are a reminder that this is where the container terminal of the future will be just three years from now.

“We are making a major investment. New technology and modern logistics solutions are paving the way for development of land totalling 450,000 square metres”, reports Povl Dolleris Røjkjær Ungar, COO Cars, General Cargo and Container within CMP.

“Modern logistics solutions refers to a digitalised facility which delivers better and more stable freight flows, in other words, more automated flows with faster, smoother handling throughout the logistics chain”.

CMP has long been supplying Copenhagen and Eastern Denmark with containered cargo and it has a key role in the flow of goods to shops and businesses in the capital region. CMP is thus part of a large transport network, which links the Danish container operation to all major international ports.

“Our geographic location and connection to the world’s largest container lines is a major competitive advantage”, Povl emphasises.

The new container terminal will be 85,000 square metres in size and have a depth of water of 12.5 metres. This is 2.5 metres deeper than today and will ensure that tomorrow’s feeder ships can also be handled at the terminal. The terminal will be semi-automatic, which means that the handling will to a large extent be automatic.

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