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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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April 21, 2017

Denmark Aims to be Global Maritime Power Hub

 The Danish Government receives recommendations from the Maritime Strategy Team on how to maintain the Danish stronghold as a maritime nation towards 2025.

The Maritime Strategy Team, headed by Chairman Jesper Lok, presents its recommendations to the Danish government. The recommendations represent the maritime industry’s input on maintaining and strengthening the industry’s international competitiveness and making Denmark a global maritime power hub.
The maritime industry – Blue Denmark – represents 25 % of Danish exports, making it the largest Danish exporting industry. The industry, however, faces tough global competition. Therefore, a Maritime Strategy Team has studied possible solutions to specific challenges as well as the general framework conditions. This has resulted in a thorough list of recommendations – ranging from the designation of test areas for new areas of blue business to the enforcement of global maritime rules and digitized public services.
”On behalf of the Danish Government I would like to thank the Maritime Strategy Team for their thorough and specific recommendations. They present some very useful  input on how to further growth and strengthen the Blue Denmark,” says Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Mr. Brian Mikkelsen.
Chairman of the Maritime Strategy Team, Mr. Jesper Lok is very satisfied with the recommendations delivered to the Danish Government:
”Denmark is one of the world’s leading maritime nations, and with activities all over the world, the maritime sector plays a vital role in securing the economic growth and employment in this country. It is our vision that Denmark becomes a global maritime power hub.”
”If we are to keep our leading position, it is vital that we maintain and adjust the framework conditions that apply to the maritime industry. But the Danish maritime industry also needs to embrace change and be one step ahead when it comes to digital and technological developments that will change the entire global maritime sector”, Jesper Lok concludes.
The Danish Government will now devise a strategy for the Blue Denmark, in order to further strengthen the international competitiveness of the Danish maritime sector.
”The recommendations from the Maritime Strategy Team is a great starting point for our work with a new maritime growth plan - a plan that will help to maintain and develop the international competitiveness of maritime industry. This is important for the creation of jobs and economic growth in Denmark,” says the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Mr. Brian Mikkelsen.
The Maritime Strategy Team was appointed by the Danish Government in May 2016. The team was tasked to provide specific recommendations on strengthening the international competitiveness of the Danish maritime industry on towards 2025. During their work the Maritime Strategy Team has consulted and received input from a number of stakeholders within the maritime area.
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