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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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January 14, 2015

Danish Maritime Authority Launches New Ship Survey

Danish Maritime Focus on Safety

Danish Maritime Focus on Safety


From 1 January, the Danish Maritime Authority will survey all Danish passenger ships in a new way. Shipping companies are positive towards the new passenger ship survey which will, to a greater extent, involve the crew and the daily safety work.

In cooperation with a number of passenger ship companies, the Danish Maritime Authority has developed a new way of surveying passenger ships. The project has just been evaluated and the involved companies and crews have received the new survey method well.

“We are pleased about the dialogue with the surveyors from the Danish Maritime Authority since it involves the entire crew. The survey report is useful and makes good sense. It is positive in every respect”, says Nautical Surveyor of the Rederiet Færgen Vivi Nielsen.

Dialogue and safety work
The technical part of the survey will be as previously, but in the future emphasis will also be placed on how the ships deal with safety in their everyday work. This means that a greater part of the crew will be included in the survey because the ship surveyors discuss on-board safety with each individual crew member. Subsequently, the Danish Maritime Authority provides feedback that the company can use in its future work.

“Previously, we have focused on whether the ship’s equipment and papers were in order. Of course, we must keep this focus, but the new practice means that we will involve a wider segment of the crew and get a possibility of discussing on-board safety with each individual crew member. In this way, we can help nudge behaviour towards a safety culture and ensure that the required competences are available on board the ship”, says Chief Ship Surveyor from the Danish Maritime Authority Lars G. Nielsen.

Several surveys are combined
At the same time, the new passenger ship survey means that renewal surveys, MLC surveys, ISM audits and, in some cases, ISPS surveys are combined into one survey. Before the survey, the company will receive an informative letter from the Danish Maritime Authority.

The types of ships covered by the new survey method are the following:

Passenger ships.
Passenger ships on voyages in port areas or lakes.
Viking ships carrying more than 12 passengers.
Ships for special purposes carrying more than 12 passengers.