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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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April 30, 2014

Concordia Maritime Elects Board Members

At the Annual General Meeting of Concordia Maritime AB held April 29, 2014,  Carl-Johan Hagman was reelected as Chairman of the Board and Stefan Brocker was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board. Dan Sten Olsson, Mats Jansson, Michael G:son Löw, Morten Chr. Mo were reelected as board members. Helena Levander was elected as new board member in accordance with the proposal presented by the nomination committee.

The meeting approved total fees of SEK 1,925,000 to be paid to the board members elected by the meeting, SEK 400,000 to the Chairman and Vice Chairman and SEK 225,000 to be paid to each of the other board members elected by the Meeting.The meeting also approved that fees paid to the auditors shall be according to approved invoice.

The Meeting also approved that no dividend be paid.


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