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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

May 11, 2016

Cargo Vessel Collides with Tanker at Guangzhou Port

Image: Guangzhou Port Channel

Image: Guangzhou Port Channel

 Inbound general cargo vessel Yan Zhan 58 collided with outbound tanker Zhen Peng during the evening of May 9 in Peral river estuary near buoy 48, Guangzhou Port Channel, Guangdong province, China. 

The freighter struck the tanker, loaded with 2,290 tons of gasoline. The tanker’s hull was reportedly breached. The incident has caused water penetration in Zhen Peng and the ship has lost electricity onboard.
As the vessel was in danger of sinking, she was towed to shallow waters and intentionally grounded to avoid sinking in the channel.
Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration sent two tugboats and towed the tanker away from the main navigation channel and evacuated all 15 crewmembers onboard the ship.
No leak has been reported, and a salvage company is to be contracted to salvage vessel.