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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 15, 2015

Black Sea MOU Detains 6 Ships for Rest Hours Violation


Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on STCW Hours of Rest 2014 carried out between 1 September 2014 and 30 November 2014 in the Black Sea MOU region shows the following preliminary results of the questions related to the verification both deck and engine room watch-keepers’ hours of rest.

6 ships have been detained in the Black Sea MOU region during the course of the CIC through deficiencies relating to STCW Hours of Rest. The most notable non-conformities observed were lack of correctly recorded records related hours of rest (7.33 %), followed by lack of watch schedule posted in an accessible area (1.75 %) and endorsement of the daily hours of rest records for each watch keeper (1.48 %).

During the course of the campaign six member Authorities carried out a total of 1,146 inspections of individual ships using the CIC questionnaire. Of this quantity 21 ships were detained with 6 (28.57%) of detentions were being within the CIC scope.

A total of 168 non-conformities have been recorded as a result of the campaign out of 1,146 questionnaires submitted.

421 (36.74%) inspections concerned general cargo/multi-purpose ships, followed by bulk carriers with 399 (34.82%) inspections, oil tankers with 112 (9.77%) inspections and chemical tankers with 77 (6.72%) inspections.

5 (83.33%) of the ships detained for CIC-related deficiencies were general cargo/multipurpose ships. Also 1 (16.67 %) of the ships detained was a commercial yatch.

The CIC questionnaire indicated that “unsatisfactory” answer was given to a question on 1.66% of occasions.

Most inspections were carried out on board ships flying the flags of Malta with 160 (13.96%) inspections, Panama with 149 (13.00%) inspections, Turkey with 102 (8.90%) inspections and Liberia with 87 (7.59%) inspections.

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