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Friday, December 14, 2018

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March 6, 2018

Ardent and Singapore Salvage Engineers Join Forces for Emergency Response

Bas Michiels, Director Asia, Ardent and Ignatius Francis Danakody, Managing Director, SSE. Photo: Ardent

Bas Michiels, Director Asia, Ardent and Ignatius Francis Danakody, Managing Director, SSE. Photo: Ardent

 Maritime services provider Ardent and Singapore Salvage Engineers (SSE) have joined forces for future operations within Singapore and adjacent waters.

The two companies signed a cooperation agreement on the 19th of January 2018 to closely work together on future opportunities and at the same time retain their own corporate identities.
“Through SSE’s strong background within the immediate region of Singapore and adjacent waters in combination with the diversity of resources they operate, this cooperation enables the provision of high quality, cost efficient and prompt response solutions towards the maritime and offshore industry in this particular region.” said Bas Michiels, Ardent’s Director Asia.
“Ardent-SSE had cooperated since 1998 and it is about formalizing and bringing the cooperation between the two companies to greater heights,” said Ignatius Francis Danakody, Managing Director, SSE.
SSE has been involved in maritime salvage services since their inception, and has intervened in salvage and marine contracting services in the waters off Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
“With this cooperation, Ardent and SSE are able to compliment respectively into forming a much more effective marine emergency response setup. With the expertise from personnel and specialized equipment through Ardent, in combination with the floating resources of SSE and ability to work within Malaysian and Indonesian waters, the readiness of both companies to provide a timely and effective response to the maritime and offshore community is going to make a difference.” Michiels added.
Prior to the cooperation, both companies had jointly worked on the numerous salvage cases all around the SE Asia region.
SSE was established in 1968 and is a leading international service provider for maritime emergency and support services. Today the SSE group of companies owns and operates more than 50 support vessels.