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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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November 25, 2014

Altus Logistics Installs Solar Panels System at its Warehouse


Altus Logistics, a subsidiary company of Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), has successfully installed its first-ever solar panel system at its warehouse in Loyang, Singapore.
This significant installation is designed to generate 152,517kWh of electricity each year which is equivalent to powering 18 average three-bedroom apartments for one entire year. It will also bring about an estimated annual savings of USD$39,000 on electrical bills for Altus Logistics and the monthly electrical bill is anticipated to be reduced by 45.1%.
“Altus Logistics seeks to promote sustainable development in the way we operate our business and this is closely aligned with the corporate mandate of our parent company, Swire Pacific Offshore. This project is a milestone achievement for us as this long term investment will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and electrical consumption,” says Mr Michael Ellsworth, CEO of Altus Logistics Pte Ltd
Altus Logistics’ 18,000 square metres warehouse’s existing Klip-lok roof makes it ideal for the installation of these solar panels. From the agreement to proceed with the installation of the solar panels to final commissioning the project took approximately fourteen weeks to complete. The system uses a 116.28kWp Photovoltaic Grid-tied (PV) system to generate renewable clean energy from sunlight to facilitate the daily operations of Altus Logistics. The PV system comprises 456 pieces of REC-255Wp solar panels, six SMA inverters, an alternating current distribution board (ACDB), a weather monitoring system and a sunny Webbox data logger. It utilises the energy of sunlight and converts it into electricity. To view the Photovoltaic Grid-Tied System, please see Appendix A for the poster.
The project required a capital investment of approximately USD 198,400, with a payback period of only five years and eight months. These newly installed solar panels have a warrantied lifespan of 25 years and will require minimal maintenance costs and operational expenses to upkeep its efficiency over this period.
“We are strongly supportive of Altus Logistics’ move as this is a significant move towards SPO’s long term corporate goal to achieve Net Zero environmental impact. We urge more companies to consider the use of solar energy where feasible to make a positive difference to the environment and their business,” says Mr Simon Bennett, General Manager of SPO.

SPO adopts a long term view of its business and believes in operating safely, professionally, responsibly and sustainably. SPO has taken a proactive approach to spearhead numerous sustainable development initiatives. In 2013, SPO was also awarded the prestigious “Achievement of Excellence” by Singapore Business Federation’s Singapore Sustainability Awards. SPO has been certified biennially by the Singapore Environmental Council as running an “Eco Office” three times consecutively since 2010.

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