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Ukraine May Use New Black Sea Route for Grain Shipments

Aug 21, 2023

Ukraine is considering using its newly-tested wartime Black Sea export corridor for grain shipments after other cargo ships follow the first successful evacuation of a vessel on the route last week, a senior agricultural official said on Monday.Russia has blockaded Ukrainian ports since it invaded its neighbour in Feb. 2022 and threatened to treat all vessels as potential military targets after pulling out of a U…

Ukraine's Waterborne Food Exports Fall 17.1%

May 20, 2024

Ukraine's waterborne food exports fell 17.1% to 2.9 million metric tons during May 1-15 from 3.5 million tons in the same period in April, Ukrainian agriculture ministry data showed. Ukrainian maritime food exports totalled 2.95 million tons from March 1-15…

Palmali Aims to Expand Shipping Ops in the Black Sea

Dec 12, 2023

Istanbul-based tanker operator Palmali has become the top shipper for Ukraine's Black Sea-borne sunflower oil exports, one of the country's key export products, and plans to expand further, its chairman Mubariz Mansimov said.Azeri-born Mansimov…

Russia Has Hit Six Ships Since Deal Failed - Kyiv

Oct 15, 2023

Russia has hit six civilian ships, 150 port and grain facilities and destroyed over 300,000 tonnes of grain since Moscow quit a deal allowing safe Black Sea exports of Ukrainian grain, the Kyiv government said on Friday.In a statement, it said…

Ukraine says Russian Drones Threatened Danube Port

Aug 16, 2023

Ukraine's air force on Wednesday said a large group of Russian army drones entered the mouth of the Danube River and headed toward the Izmail river port near the border with Romania.Social media groups reported hearing air defence systems firing in the area near two Danube ports - Izmail and Reni…

A Toll of War: Ukraine’s Dry Bulk Exports Plunge 77.8%

Feb 22, 2023

“On Friday February 24, 2023, one year has passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During that year, dry bulk exports from Ukraine have dropped 77.8% compared to the same period a year earlier, causing a decline in global dry bulk volumes…

Recap: Container Logistics Implications of War in Ukraine

Mar 03, 2022

The following is a recap of the containershipping logistics challenges for the the Black Sea, Ukraine and Russia from Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO, Container xChangeParts of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov are now dangerous or unpassable…

From Mines to AIS Spoofing, Assessing the Risks to Shipping in the Black Sea

Mar 03, 2022

Commercial ships are being advised of the high risk operating in the Black Sea following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, with various reports of missile attacks on commercial ship, plus warning of the waters containing mines.According to a press release from the NATO Shipping Center (NSC)…

IMO SecGen "Gravely Concerned" about crisis in Ukraine

Feb 26, 2022

IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim issued the following statement regarding the crisis in the Ukraine and its impact on shipping and seafarers.'As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in Ukraine, I fully support and stand with UN Secretary…

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Israel Aims to Boost Red Sea Oil Deliveries Despite Environmental Risks

Israel Aims to Boost Red Sea Oil Deliveries Despite Environmental Risks

Compromise Agreements Yield over $2.3 Million in Penalties

Compromise Agreements Yield over $2.3 Million in Penalties

Antwerp Euroterminal Readies Shore Power Facility

Antwerp Euroterminal Readies Shore Power Facility

US Regulator Seeks New Emissions Data from Venture Global LNG

US Regulator Seeks New Emissions Data from Venture Global LNG

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