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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 28, 2019

World’s First Purpose-Built Krill Harvesting Vessel Choose NAVTOR

Image:  NAVTOR


Norwegian maritime industry completed the project of the world’s first purpose-built krill harvesting vessel  that has taken two years and included 40 Norwegian vendors.

A press release claimed that Antarctic Endurance, the custom designed new-build is a one of a kind, energy efficient krill harvesting vessel that showcases the very best of Norwegian maritime engineering expertise and innovation.

E-navigation specialist NAVTOR  said that its NavBox solution was chosen by Antarctic Endurance for e-Navigation services.

"The NAVTOR team are both proud and humbled that our NavBox solution was chosen to make sure she always have latest charts and publications available as it embarks on the 2019 harvesting season," said a press release from NAVTOR.

"Connected and fully integrated with the ship’s ECDIS it will ensure seamless, automatic distribution and updating of the expedition vessel’s ENCs and digital publications," it said.

With a length of 130-meter, theAntarctic Endurance has been designed and equipped to maximize energy efficiency by utilizing a number of innovative processes and technologies on board.

All of these innovations make the vessel 30 percent more environmentally efficient compared to today's trawlers, thus making it a magnificent example of the technological capabilities of Norway’s maritime cluster, it said.

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