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Friday, October 18, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

June 4, 2018

C-MAP Wins Chevron Shipping Contract

Following a competitive tender, Chevron Shipping Company LLC (CSC) has selected smart shipping solutions from C-MAP, a provider of commercial marine charting and cloud-based software solutions for fleet management and route optimization.

CSC will deploy C-MAP’s onboard platform that employs advanced algorithms and customized ship performance models to deliver voyage optimization. The platform, called Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS), enables users to optimize routes to get the fastest arrival times, while minimizing costs and bunker consumption and maximizing safety, C-MAP said.

CSC will also gain full visibility of its fleet’s performance via C-MAP’s FleetManager, a web-based solution that provides analytics to optimize efficiency and improve operational and strategic decision-making.

C-MAP’s Commercial Services team will provide shore-based routing and voyage optimization services, as well as technical support and training.

In addition, ADMIRALTY AVCS Electronic Navigation Charts and Digital Publications, C-MAP Pro+ charts, and C-MAP UpdateWizard offer worldwide chart coverage.

“CSC has chosen C-MAP to provide market-leading voyage optimization, fleet management solutions, and world-wide charts,” said Sean Fernback, C-MAP’s CEO. “We are confident C-MAP offers unmatched insight and analysis, as well as chart coverage, to enable users to improve fleet operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

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