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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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June 8, 2022

Wilhelmsen Port Services Established

Photo courtesy Wilhelmsen Port Services

Photo courtesy Wilhelmsen Port Services

On June 7, 2022 Wilhelmsen launched its Port Services, according to the company setting a unique course for the future of the ships agency industry and the entire port ecosystem. One of the key steps taken already is to establish and internal incubator for new innovations and solutions, building on their reliable network and heritage, expanding far beyond agency.

“With the establishment of Wilhelmsen Port Services we are taking a long and hard look at the port value chain to see where we can play a bigger role, and we are really looking forward to developing a truly unique port services offering," said Neal de Roche, President of Wilhelmsen Port Services.

Going beyond traditional ships agency offerings, greater efficiency in port, a new approach to port call management as well as biofouling monitoring to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are just some of the features customers can expect coming from Port Services going forward.

  • HIVE

HIVE is a new generation hub platform designed to allow customers to communicate, share and interact with agents, vendors and their hub agents more efficiently. For operators and owners, HIVE allows customers to share data and information about port calls simply by adding them directly into the system. Security features give customers full control and access to information on a fleet, port call, or indeed port level. On the operations side, the platform gives customers the ability to customize and implement any type of documentation so operations can be truly standardized across all agents and suppliers. Built for connectivity HIVE can connect to any system used by operators, managers or agents.

  • ECOsubsea: Biofouling Monitoring

ECOsubsea, using drones to inspect the hull, claims to cut the cost of biofouling monitoring by more than 70% while also cutting time and increasing efficiency. The outcome accoriding to Wilhelmsen is seamless hull inspections executed within the hour and without operational disruptions such as diver restrictions. Data from the inspection is analyzed and made available to customers, who then get’s immediate access to the condition of the hull of their vessel or entire fleet. Customers have access to all their data in an easy to use interface, making it simple to create solid biofouling strategies and an optimized cleaning schedule, which helps to reduce costs, emissions and the spread of invasive and harmful species. Neal de Roche, President of Wilhelmsen Port Services