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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

September 13, 2018

In Wake of 'Olivia', Pasha Hawaii Resumes Cargo Ops

(File photo: Pasha Hawaii)

(File photo: Pasha Hawaii)

Honolulu-based ocean carrier Pasha Hawaii resumed operations last night at Pier 1 and Pier 51 at Honolulu Harbor, after receiving an all clear from the U.S. Coast Guard and Hawaii Department of Transportation Harbors, following the passage of Tropical Storm Olivia over the Hawaiian Islands and the re-opening of all ports.

Two Pasha Hawaii vessels — specialty RoRo vessel M/V Jean Anne and containership Horizon Enterprise — which had been positioned nearby in order to quickly return to port, commenced offload operations Wednesday evening as anticipated. From Honolulu, the Jean Anne will continue on to Kahului on Friday and Hilo on Saturday; the Horizon Enterprise will depart for the West Coast on Friday.

M/V Marjorie C, Pasha Hawaii’s combination container/RoRo, is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu Harbor on Sunday.

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