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Friday, December 14, 2018

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by November 10, 2017

Victoria Port Minister Approves BMT as an Official Auditor

Photo: BMT

Photo: BMT

 BMT said it has been accredited by the Victorian Government’s Minister for Ports as an official auditor under Part 6A of the Port Management Act 1995 (PMA) to audit port Safety and Environment Management Plans (SEMPs) until 2021. A complementary team of auditors from BMT in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane was granted the approval.

Since 2005, SEMPs have played an integral role in promoting best practice safety and environmental performance across all aspects of Victoria's port activities. The PMA stipulates that management plans are to be audited by approved auditors as complying with the requirements of the PMA and being in accordance with Ministerial Guidelines developed in support of the legislative requirement.