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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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June 6, 2014

Texas City Y Marine Casualty Hearing Closes: Results Later

The courtroom: Photo USCG

The courtroom: Photo USCG

Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board investigators have closed a formal hearing in Galveston, that was held to gather facts that led to a March 22, 2014 collision and subsequent 168,000 gallon oil spill near the Texas City Dike.

The purpose of the Coast Guard marine casualty investigation and formal board hearing is to examine the causes of a marine casualty, make recommendations to help avoid a similar incident, improve overall maritime transportation safety, and promote safety of life and property at sea.

Investigators heard from the captains of both the tug Miss Susan and the bulk carrier Summer Wind,  the two vessels that collided, as well as the captain of another vessel in the area when the collision occurred, a representative from the Houston Pilots and a few representatives from the Coast Guard Vessel Traffic Center in Houston.

Earlier the Coast Guard informed that the final report of investigation will be made available to the public once reviewed and approved. No analysis or conclusions were presented during the hearing.
Pictured: Lt. Cmdr. Teresa Hatfield leads the Hearing at the Galveston County Criminal Justice Center

Texas City dike