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Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Posted by November 6, 2014

Stress Engineering Acquires Efird Corrosion International

Consulting engineering  services and solutions company Stress Engineering Services, Inc., has acquired Efird Corrosion International, Inc., a technical service and research company specializing in corrosion testing and analysis.

According to Stress Engineering Services , the acquisition will provide new corrosion management and testing capabilities while enhancing the company’s competences within sour gas testing and increasing service offerings related to electrochemical, jet impingement and high pressure autoclave testing.

Stress Engineering will gain Efird Corrosion’s corrosion laboratory in The Woodlands, Texas, to combine with its laboratories in Houston; Waller, Texas; New Orleans; Cincinnati; and Calgary, Alberta. Forty-five metallurgists and technicians will work throughout the six laboratories.

The corrosion laboratory in The Woodlands specializes in the customization of tests and reports, and its team has developed techniques for slug flow correlation, corrosion inhibitor evaluation in low and high shear stress conditions, batch inhibitor testing and determination of corrosion inhibitor concentrations in inhibitor persistency.

“This acquisition allows our team to tackle the industry’s need to develop safe, fully qualified HPHT drilling and production equipment as our combined services will be critically important to the success of many new deep HPHT reservoirs,” said Dr. Joe R. Fowler, president of Stress Engineering. “We are pleased to add Efird Corrosion’s expertise to our team, as it remains our goal to successfully guide clients to use the most effective corrosion control methods and replacement materials.”

Kim Flesner and Kirk Brownlee, principals at Stress Engineering, will lead the company’s combined efforts, while Dan Efird, president at Efird Corrosion, will join Stress Engineering’s materials practice as a subject matter expert.

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