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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by August 1, 2019

ZIM’s starts Central America-Caribbean Service (CCX)

Zim boxship cargo operations. CREDIT: ZIM

Zim boxship cargo operations. CREDIT: ZIM

ZIM has announced a new service between Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, commencing on the second half of August, with the following rotation:

Veracruz-Altamira-P. Cortes-Santo Tomas-Kingston-Rio Haina-San Juan-Kingston-Veracruz  

ZIM will operate 3 vessels in a weekly, fixed-day service offering the fastest transit time and best product in the region:

  • From Mexico to Dominican Republic;
  • From Mexico to Puerto Rico;
  • Connecting USEC & Canada to Mexico, Guatemala (and El Salvador) & Honduras;
  • Improved dedicated fixed-day service from Mexico to Caribbean and Central America markets;
  • Competitive transit time from Central America to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.