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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

DMA Ship Station License Goes Digital

June 19, 2017

Photo: Danish Maritime Authority

Photo: Danish Maritime Authority

 The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) continues its work digitalising Blue Denmark in order to utilise the technological solutions available for the benefit of Blue Denmark. Now, the Ship Station License has become digital – just like the other ship certificates.

The number of administrative burdens imposed on the industry is reduced through digitalisation of the Ship Station License.
Director Rasmus Høy Thomsen said: ”One of the advantages of a digital Ship Station License is that it is always available online. At the same time, it is possible for, inter alia, foreign authorities to have the validity of the certificate confirmed through verification on the website of the Danish Maritime Authority."
The application form and our case consideration system have also been redeveloped and optimised so that it becomes possible to process applications faster and more smoothly. This means, inter alia, that – once the certificate has been issued – it is available on "My page" on the website of the Danish Maritime Authority. The new system will be an advantage to merchant ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft that have radio installations on board.
A Ship Station License is a certificate for the ship's radio station. The purpose of the certificate is to permit the use of maritime radio frequencies. The ship will be assigned a call sign and an MMSI number to be used for its communication with other ships, ports and authorities. Approximately 1,800 Ship Station Licenses are assigned annually.
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