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Friday, January 21, 2022

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 13, 2022

New Product: MESPAS Goes Mobile

Image courtesy Mespas

Image courtesy Mespas

One of the most difficult and time-consuming issues when carrying out inspections or maintenance jobs on vessels is recording information on the job, with crews working on machinery, taking notes and going back to their computers in the office and type in all the information. 

MESPAS claims to offer a solution with the launch of a maritime app for QHSE and maintenance tasks.

With the MESPAS mobile app, data can be viewed or entered on the job. Crews doing maintenance jobs can consult manuals, record tasks completed or add photos and comments. Superintendents can walk around a vessel and record information or add photos as they see issues in real time. 

Designed for both iOS and Android devices, it is available in App Stores now.