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Saturday, March 28, 2020

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January 23, 2018

NAVTOR Hires Holme as Chief Technology Officer

NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes with new CTO Anders Holme (Photo: NAVTOR)

NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes with new CTO Anders Holme (Photo: NAVTOR)

E-navigation specialist NAVTOR said it has appointed Anders Holme for the role of Chief Technology Officer.  

Holme will manage teams that work across offices in Egersund, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Russia, the U.S. and U.K. NAVTOR’s main software development takes place at the company’s head office in Egersund and its dedicated base in St Petersburg.
“There is a growing appreciation within shipping that new technology can unlock real operational advantages and business opportunities,” Holme said. “NAVTOR’s product range has shown that, by digitizing and automating previously manual tasks, huge economic savings can be made in terms of man hours, while safety standards, fuel consumption and fleet management can be optimized.
“But we see this as the start of the journey rather than the destination. By staying on top of broader technology trends and marrying them to market needs, NAVTOR can continue to develop products that give our customers competitive advantage in an ever tighter marketplace. For example, by encompassing more data, from more sources (including the ever-growing number of marine systems), we can continually refine our offering to deliver even better decision-making tools.”
“With increasing digitalization, building a platform for the possibility of eventual vessel autonomy, its vital to have the best digital solutions in place. E-navigation will play a key part in that development… and we’re committed to leading the way forward for our customers.”
“Anders doesn’t just bring technology understanding to the team,” said NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes, “he also has a proven track record of growing businesses and helping them connect digital ideas to real world market demand. We’ve grown since our start-up in 2011 by developing technology that delivers tangible benefits to customers around the world. Anders’ vision and ability will help us ensure we stay abreast of the very latest developments and continue to deliver a portfolio that demonstrates the enormous potential of fully integrated e-navigation.”
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