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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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January 15, 2015

Meriaura Group Orders 2 Eco-friendly Platforms

The agreement, signed by Johan Schouwenaar (left.), Jussi Mälkiä and Herman Bodewes

The agreement, signed by Johan Schouwenaar (left.), Jussi Mälkiä and Herman Bodewes


Meriaura Group to strengthen its position in the market by increasing its cargo fleet. The company has ordered a Dutch Royal Bodewes shipyard two VG EcoCoasterTM -kuivarahtialusta, both a carrying capacity of 4700 tons. The new building contracts were signed in December in Turku. First delivery of the ship time is the end of July 2016 and will be completed in the second three months later.

VG EcoCoaster TM ferry is designed to burden the environment considerably less than traditional dry cargo vessels. Ship machinery and the hull has been optimized for open water conditions the speed of 10.5 knots, so that Ice Class 1A required to reserve capacity generated dieselsähköisesti boosterikoneikolla. The aim is to almost halve fuel consumption corresponding size standard in relation to vessels, which also reduce emissions significantly. Vessels built in two separate fuel system, so that the main engines of the selected ABC 8DZC has to be run, as well as diesel fuel oil and biofuel. Biofuel vessels manufactured by the same group of VG-Shipping's new production plant in the city.

New vessel ordering is part of the Sea Aura Group fleet of education and the process of modernization. In December, the company announced four new time charter ship renting. The aim of reforming the environmental impact and fuel consumption of a significant reduction. "Our goal is that after five years at least half of our fleet is frugal and -päästöisiä EcoCoastereita that run on recycled oils made of bio-oil. Larger EcoCoaster already planners tables. "Says Group Vice President Jussi Mälkiä. Meriaura fleet currently consists of a total of 20 vessels. Turku shipyard in 2012 graduated from the deck cargo vessel "Sea" is now known to the world's only cargo vessel, which is capable of using bio-oil.

The first VG EcoCoastereiden TM contractual partner with the selected shipyard Royal Bodewes has a long tradition of shipbuilding. The agreement was signed in Turku, Herman Bodewes represents the sixth generation of the Bodewes shipyard in 1812, which started the history.

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