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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by August 24, 2018

Long Beach Harbor Commission to Appoint Co-Deputy Executive Directors

Photo: Port of Long Beach

Photo: Port of Long Beach

The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners is expected to vote at its meeting on Monday, Aug. 27, to name Richard D. Cameron as the Port of Long Beach’s new Deputy Executive Director of Planning and Development and Dr. Noel Hacegaba as the Port’s new Deputy Executive Director of Administration and Operations. 

Cameron and Hacegaba have served the Port in several capacities for many years and bring a comprehensive blend of industry experience and community relationships to the organization. Their complementary skills and deep experience in all facets of maritime and logistics management will prove valuable during this period of significant change in the goods movement industry.  

Cameron joined the Port in 1996 as an Environmental Specialist, was promoted to Manager of Environmental Planning and then was named Director of the newly created Division of Environmental Planning before being appointed Acting Managing Director in 2013, and Managing Director in January 2014. As Managing Director, he oversees the Planning and Environmental Affairs Bureau that includes Environmental Planning, Master Planning and Transportation Planning.

As Director of Environmental Planning, Cameron led the division most directly responsible for the Port’s signature environmental program, the Green Port Policy, and the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan. Under the Green Port Policy, the division coordinates programs to improve air, water and soil quality, preserve wildlife habitat and integrate sustainability into Port practices.

Hacegaba joined the Port in 2010, and is the senior executive responsible for developing and executing business development strategies to drive volume and revenue growth at the Port. As the Managing Director of Commercial Operations and Chief Commercial Officer, Hacegaba also leads the Port’s operations, customer service and security functions, and collaborates with customers and industry partners to drive efficiencies and optimize the supply chain.

In recent years, Hacegaba managed the Port’s commercial activities during a period of significant industry realignment. He led the quick recovery of its largest terminal following the biggest bankruptcy in shipping line industry history, setting the path for record container volumes in 2017. Hacegaba previously served as the Port’s Acting Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer and oversaw the daily business activities of the Port's four main bureaus: Engineering, Environmental Affairs and Planning, Finance and Administration, and Trade Development and Port Operations. His first Port responsibility was serving as the Executive Officer to the Board of Harbor Commissioners.

The Harbor Commission is scheduled to confirm the appointments at its regular meeting on Aug. 27. Cameron and Hacegaba will succeed Duane Kenagy, who has served as Interim Deputy Executive Director since May 2017 and who will return to his previous role as Capital Programs Executive, overseeing significant Port capital improvement projects. Cameron and Hacegaba are expected to transition to their new positions immediately.

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