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Friday, June 18, 2021

Maritime Logistics Professional

December 19, 2019

Kalmar Supplies 9 Straddle Carriers to Eurogate

The  manufacturer of terminal tractors Kalmar has concluded an agreement with long-term customer Eurogate to heighten nine Kalmar straddle carriers operating at the Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg.

The order was booked in Cargotec's 2019 Q4 order intake, with the work scheduled to commence in Q1 of 2020 and be completed by the beginning of Q3, the unit of Cargotec said.

Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg is one of Northern Europe’s main transport hubs, offering excellent road, rail and feeder connections to the economic centers of Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia. The Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg equipment fleet includes Kalmar straddle carriers and ship-to-shore cranes. Originally delivered by Kalmar in 2017, the nine diesel-electric straddle carriers will be heightened from three to four high in order to increase the stacking capacity of the container yard.

The heightening process will involve lifting the upper part of the straddle carrier structure and attaching it to new extended legs as well as modifying the stairs and platforms to accommodate the extended height. The electrical cabling and hydraulic tubes will also be renewed prior to commissioning and testing before finally returning the straddle carriers to operation.

Bob van Kampen, Director, Crane Upgrades, EMEA North, Kalmar said: “As the original equipment manufacturer we are the ideal choice to undertake a project of this kind. We can leverage both our project know-how and technical expertise to deliver a high-quality result in a short time frame. The end result will be safe, fully certified machines that will enable Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg to address their need for greater stacking capacity in the yard.”

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