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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

January 2, 2019

CMA CGM Improves NOURA Service



CMA CGM announced the service improvement connecting Middle East to East Africa, in the effort to maintain a high service reliability and punctuality with our lead product NOURA service.

Effective from M/V CMA CGM MANET voyage Jebel Ali  today (January 3), direct product with a comprehensive coverage of East Africa and Indian Ocean markets, Noura service will benefit of a 6th sister ship of 2,200 TEU to address the recurrent port congestion.

Mombasa is added in the port coverage to permit significant service improvement for Asia cargo bound to Somalia and transiting via Kenya hub, said a press note from CMA CGM.

NOURA new rotation: Jebel Ali - Mombasa - Mogadishu - Longoni - Nacala (fortnightly) - Beira (fortnightly) - Port Victoria - Jebel Ali

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