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Friday, June 5, 2020

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August 26, 2019

GeoLOGIC Acquires TOP Analysis

Image: geoLOGIC systems

Image: geoLOGIC systems

Canada's geoLOGIC systems announced that it has purchased TOP Analysis, a provider of Canadian thermal oilsands critical information & competitive intelligence through  an easy to use SaaS platform available to all disciplines.

"TOP Analysis is regarded as an industry standard for data  associated with thermal projects and all oil & gas regulatory information by engineers, geologists and other technical professionals. TOP Analysis enabled clients to be competitive in a market where the ability to make timely development decisions can make or break a company," said a press note.

This acquisition includes the entire product suite and the team behind them, so clients using TOP Analysis’ premium thermal oilsands and regulatory application platform will continue to receive the same high‐quality service they have come to expect.

“TOP Analysis' culture of excellent customer service, their approach to market disruption, and unique industry expertise aligns closely with geoLOGIC's strategy and product family,” said David Hood, geoLOGIC's CEO. “Similar to hydraulic fracking, thermal oilsands technology has been a game changer for the energy industry. We are looking forward to pursuing insights derived from TOP Analysis, to help our clients become even more effective in today’s challenging business environment.”

Trevor Phenix, TOP Analysis' President, said, “We are extremely excited to join forces with geoLOGIC, the industry leader and source of trusted data & decision tools. It was quickly apparent to us that geoLOGIC has a strong culture to collaborate, embrace new ideas, drive innovation, and deliver on continual development to support our vision. Our deep oilsands technical knowledge will complement geoLOGIC's broad, industry‐wide customer base and establish new visions for disrupting the way industry operates.”

The acquisition of TOP Analysis is the most recent demonstration of geoLOGIC's strategy to continually invest in high‐demand data & analytics solutions that enable clients to make better oil & gas decisions, utilize effective workflows, build & maintain competitive advantages, and deliver shareholder returns.

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