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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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March 15, 2016

FleetWeather Renamed Accuritas Global Solutions

  • Jess Hurwitz Accuritas Photo FleetWeather
  • Accuritas Logo
  • Jess Hurwitz Accuritas Photo FleetWeather Jess Hurwitz Accuritas Photo FleetWeather
  • Accuritas Logo Accuritas Logo

FleetWeather Ocean Services, experts in business intelligence and analytics for the commercial shipping industry, today opened its doors under a new name and new brand: Accuritas Global Solutions…A business intelligence and analytics company.


Executive Vice President Jess Hurwitz announced the name change reflecting continued focus and growth in providing industry-unique business intelligence, analytics and consulting services, and expansion from working within the commercial shipping industry to other modes of global transportation. The new name is effective immediately.

“For the past several years, we have expanded the services we provide to the marine industry to meet the needs of our clients,” stated Jess Hurwitz, Accuritas’ Executive Vice President and CTO. “While we continue to include some of our legacy services in our suite of products, we have been developing products which support our clients in managing information in a concise and productive fashion. This enables them to make better decisions, increase their profits and reduce costs, as well as streamline communications and manage opportunities more intelligently. Essentially, we support their efforts to be more competitive and agile with improved business strategies and simplified challenges.”

FleetWeather has over 47 years of experience servicing the global maritime industry, first as a weather routing company, and more recently as the innovator and provider of shipping’s first business intelligence solution introduced in 2013. Founded in 1967 by Tore Jakobsen and merged with Jeff Wimmer’s CompuWeather in 1993, FleetWeather has a highly respected reputation for unique services and exceptional customer service.

“Throughout our history, we have been known for our passion in delivering quality and doing the right thing.

We are very proud of our reputation for accuracy, integrity and responsiveness”, observed Wimmer, CEO of Accuritas. Tore Jakobsen, CFO of Accuritas, added “As we have expanded into new areas of business information and analysis over the past few years, these values continue to be our foundation. Our decision to rename the company reflects our commitment to these areas. Our customers will be assured of our unbridled ongoing commitment to their exact needs as in years past, while exploring further avenues of efficiency, optimization, and profit that we are now able to provide.”

“Accuritas Global Solutions is building upon the foundation of the legacy company to provide senior executives with the information they need to make intelligent business decisions about their fleets and move from data complexity to simplicity” remarked Hurwitz. “Shipping has its challenges - Accuritas has the solutions”.

While Accuritas has a new name and new look, its commitment to accuracy, integrity, knowledge and security in all that it does for its clients will not change. Current product and service offerings will also remain the same:

• Business intelligence and Analytics
• Consulting and project management
• Problem solving and predictive analysis
• Multi-vendor data and software integration
• Technology development
• Customized deliverables
• On-demand analysis

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