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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Maritime Logistics Professional

Posted by September 17, 2014

Crystal Cruises Implements Adonis’ New Time Clock Module

Adonis AS (Adonis), provider of global maritime HR and payroll solutions, announced Adonis Time Clock, providing maritime organizations with the most efficient way to track time and attendance of crew members, capture overtime for payroll and stay in compliance with MLC regulations pertaining to work and rest hours. The Time Clock module is a part of Adonis' complete HR and Personnel solution for crew planning, administration and payroll. In addition to tools for time and attendance monitoring and management, the solution facilitates synchronization of all crew and payroll related data between a company's fleet and main offices, including time registration.

Adonis Time Clock gives users responsible for crew management processes real-time access to their complete crew database. The module allows maritime organizations to coordinate multiple locations: the main office, satellite offices and their fleet, consolidating all time and attendance, overtime and compliance processes on one centralized platform. Individual crew members have access to their data through a web crew portal and can view and make registrations, receive messages, post requests and upload travel expense reports for reimbursement via payroll. Through a chain of approval, team leaders and department heads can review work and rest hours and approve overtime hours and travel expenses for Adonis Payroll module. An integrated Notification Server can be used to automatically access a variety of reports, e.g. notification of upcoming violations, to predefined roles throughout the organization. This allows for the status and performance to be monitored by anyone, without having actual access to the system.

"The Adonis Time Clock was developed and refined in close association with the Crystal Cruises project team, who required specific functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use in monitoring and administering their crew and simplifying MLC compliance," said Adonis Product Director Erick Meijer. "As anyone who's been aboard any of Crystal's cruise ships knows, their standards are high and exacting, which is clearly reflected in the Time Clock module we developed and the enhancements we made during a close collaborative process. As a result, companies can now realize the benefits of the industry's most flexible, robust and modern time tracking solution, and centralize all their key processes using Adonis' complete HR and Personnel platform."

"Adonis’ combination of superior technical capabilities and quality customer service allows us to efficiently manage our crew hours and remain in compliance, while maintaining Crystal Cruises’ mission of providing six-star service to luxury travelers on the world’s best cruise line," said Thomas Mazloum, Executive Vice President, Crystal Cruises. "Adonis is impeccable with its response to immediate requirements, and is very thorough and attentive when introducing and implementing new features to our systems."


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